Ongoing PhD

Oct 2019-     PhD Camille Bernery

Hello! I’m Camille Bernery. After a master of modelling in ecology at Rennes, I did an internship on the impact of climate change on the lion distribution in the BioM team. I’m now working on freshwater fish invasions in the same team but as a PhD student, supervised by Boris Leroy, Céline Bellard et Franck Courchamp. The main goal of my PhD project is to understand the factors impacting the invasion success of freshwater fishes at a global scale, identifying the invasive species characteristics and the invaded region characteristics. The long-term goal of my PhD is to build future scenarios of invasion gathering all the factors we have identified.

I am also very interested in science popularization, and I have done a doctoral mission at the Palais de la découverte in order to increase the public awareness on biodiversity threats, including biological invasions.

Sept 2020- PhD Clara Marino 

I am a PhD student at the ESE lab in the BioM team, and I work under the supervision of Céline Bellard. The main objective of my PhD is to understand the functional consequences of biological invasions on terrestrial vertebrates on a global scale in a context of climate change.

I was trained in fundamental ecology by the Master’s degree of Sorbonne Université (Ecology, Biodiversity, Evolution), doing my M2 internship on the consequences of biological invasions on insular endemic mammals. Before starting my PhD, I did a second Master’s degree in human geography (Biodiversity, Territoires, Environment), in order to have a better understanding of the current societal challenges of biodiversity conservation.

Previous students


Oct 2016-19     PhD Camille Leclerc (personal website): « Impacts of past, current and future threats on insular biodiversity”

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Master students

  • 2019                    Master student 2 (Clara Marino)  (6 months)
  • 2019                    Co-supervision master student (Camille Magneville)  (6 months)
  • 2019                    Co-supervision master student (Mathilde Vimont)  (6 months)
  • 2017                    Master student supervision (Hugo Meunier) Analyses de la capacité des modèles de prédictions de répartitions dans un contexte de fronts d’invasions (6 months) co-supervision M. Barbet Massin
  • 2016                    Post-Master student supervision (Delphine Ducros)  ”Biais in climate change and invasive species studies (6 months)
  • 2014-2015         Master student supervision (Robin Delsol) Améliorations méthodologies des modèles de prédiction de répartition d’espèces pour l’étude des changements globaux (6 months); co-supervision B. Leroy
  • 2012-2014         Master student supervision (C. Leclerc) Analyses des changements climatiques sur les hotspots de biodiversité mondiaux (6 months) and ‘ingénieur d’études’ (18 months)